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Google Duo for Windows Phone Download [New Version]

By on Nov 18, 2022 in Google, Google Duo, Google Duo for Windows Phone

Google Duo for Windows Phone is an excellent video calling application that offers you tremendous calling features. Unlike other video calling applications, Google Duo is primarily developed for video calling, So that you can experience high-quality video calling by Google Duo. You can communicate with your lovable ones with a single tap on your Windows Phone. You can see real-time movements through high-quality video calling with a better frame rate in Google Duo for Windows Phone.

Google Duo is a Cross-platform application, and it is available for almost all the current operating systems you can have a higher chance of getting in touch with your buddies and family members, no matter wherever you are and whatever you do!

Google Duo for Windows Phone

The Google Duo for Windows Phone has one unique feature, which is initially developed by Google itself, in which you can see the quick preview of the person you get the call from, even before you attend the call. This lets you know the person who is calling you, and you can quickly decide whether to attend the call or not.

Google Duo app allows you to leave a video message to the person you are calling, In case if the person can’t pick up the call, So that you never miss a moment and let others easily know the happenings. You can capture the moment you wish to share with your friends and send them in no time. It is a simple and peers to peer video calling app in which you can connect between mobile devices. The connection established by the Google Duo Windows Phone is very secure with the end-to-end encryption by Google.


Features of Google Duo

  • Google Duo offers you the highest quality one-to-one video calling features So that you can experience crystal clear video calling experience more than ever.
  • The interface of Google Duo is much smooth and fluid, and you cannot notice any lag while making a call or using the Google Duo application.
  • The Knock Knock feature of the Google Duo for Windows Phone lets you preview the person you get the call from So that the fun starts even before attending the call.
  • Google Duo for Windows Phone always stays at the top of performance due to its frequent updates, You can get rid of bugs and other issues through the Google duo updates.
  • The interface of Google Duo is much more straightforward to use as it is primarily designed for video calling. You can efficiently use the application with minimal and dedicated controls.
Google Duo for Windows Phone
  • Google Duo Windows Phone offers you a highly secured video calling experience with its end-to-end encryption algorithm. The data transferred between the devices are highly secured.
  • Google Duo is a cross-platform application so that you can get a higher chance to stay in touch with your friends and you can get the better feasibility of the devices.
  • It has an excellent signal research algorithm, which changes the video quality based on the speed of your internet connection.
  • The app interface lets you make audio calls too, So you can make high-quality audio calls without spending money.
  • Google Duo is much faster and smoother than its competitive video calling applications. You can make calls much more quickly and easily through the Google Duo application.

Specifications of Google Duo on Windows Phone

Developer: Google
Release Date: 16 August 2016
Category: Video Calling
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Mobile
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

Google Duo for Windows Phone – Alternatives

As Google Duo hasn’t been made available officially on the Windows Phone, it cannot be downloaded. So you can choose similar apps until the official launch of Google Duo for Windows Phone. With Google Duo Windows phone alternatives, you can chat with anyone in real-time over face-to-face.

1. Skype


Skype is the most popularly known video calling application that lets you chat with anyone over video calls for free. You can stay in touch with your family and friends at any time from anywhere. It is the best Google Duo alternative with which you can make HD video calling, you can chat over one-on-one or start a group video calling of up to 24 people all at once. You can connect with people from anywhere with an internet connection to chat for an unlimited time. Skype supports voice calling and instant messaging features also.

2. WhatsApp


Although WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform, it can also be used to make high-quality video calls at any time. It works similarly to the Google Duo app, and you can chat over video calls with anyone. Stay connected with people of your choice from anywhere in the world. Use WhatsApp to never miss their important moments. Besides this, you can also chat over instant messages for free without needing to pay international charges.

Google Duo is also available for

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